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Key Points for Students

With Find Your Tutor, you can get instant results to find local tutors:

> It’s an entirely FREE service for students to use! No charges of any kind!

> Save yourself time, energy, expense and hassle; find specialist tutors for private lessons with just a click!

> Conduct your search for a specialist tutor/ instructor via your subject or your local area.

> Take advantage of browsing UK wide database directory, to find local tutors near you!

> Unlike 95% of the competition, there are no initial or continuing lesson commissions!

> No overpriced agency fees to pay, nor annoying administration to put up with!

> Our user friendly format and detailed database, makes it easy to search for your tutor!

> Browse in depth, to find out about tutors via tutor-profile pages or tutor- article pages!

> Select the best tutor for you & negotiate prices & lesson arrangements to suit you!

> You can come back and use this site as many times as you like for free, 24/7!

> You may get discounted prices on products & services offered by our affiliates!

> Find details of subject-related self study learning products according to subject search!

> Take advantage of tutors’ articles on self study and read our book & product reviews.

> Finally, you can also find tutors who can offer you online based lessons too!


Key Points for Tutors

With Find Your Tutor, you can be your own boss and make the rules like:

Take advantage of our free 3 months trial membership offer, to see if FindYourTutor works for you !

> Enjoy the opportunity of self employment, when the job market is in decline!

> Market yourself as much or as little as you like via the tutor articles pages!

> Enjoy the freedom to teach where, when, whom and how you want to!

> Set your own prices and work and earn for as many hours as you prefer!

> Start or take a break from tutoring and quit whenever you want to!

> Get paid fully each week, for the amount of work which you do!

 >No making someone else money, thus increasing your earning power!

> No employers and no contracts!

> No dress code or office politics to follow!

> Use materials which you know and like-rather than chosen by someone else!

> Enjoy discounted offers from our affiliates for our active account members!


What is Find Your Tutor?

Find Your Tutor, set up in 2010, is an entirely free service for students to find specialist tutors for private lessons by searching through our online tutor directory database. We currently advertise tutors profiles for private lessons throughout the UK. In the future, we may also expand this service to introducing tutors overseas. Find Your Tutor introduces experienced tutors across diverse subjects ranging from academic subjects to music and the arts, foreign languages, sports, health related fields and a wide variety of professional subjects too. As well as introducing private tutors, the database also can introduce you to the likes of driving instructors, well-being therapists and fitness trainers.

 How does Find Your Tutor work? How do I choose a tutor?

You can find a tutor in your local area by browsing through the database directory of tutors’ profiles. You can also browse the tutors’ articles and study advice tips to see what study advice tutors may have for you about how best to study, and also as a way of forming an impression about teacher’s methodology. Enter your search parameters in the database by selecting your subject and postcode area. Profile results for any local tutors in your area will then display, including any tutors willing to travel to your local area to teach you. Finally, some tutors also advertise that to tutor you online. You are then welcome to contact as many tutors as you like to find a tutor and arrange private lessons.

-How much do our services cost me as a student? Is it good value? What can I expect?

Lucky you! Our tutor referral services cost you nothing! Now compare that with the majority of the competition which charges an introduction fee to prospective students and also often an ongoing commission charge which either students or tutors are asked to pay. In addition, obviously tutoring agencies often over-charge private students in order to meet their own running costs. Moreover agencies may offer you a poor service and introduce whichever tutor they can find. However, by doing a specialist tutor search or local tutor search with us, you’ll be free of all that paperwork and third party agencies. Find Your Tutor was started by a tutor with 20 years experience of private tutoring. We have thus confirmed home truths into a business proposition which can serve the interests of both private students and private tutors to engage in their business: private lessons and home lessons.

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