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Congratulations! You clicked here because you wanted to know how to make your profile stand out to corner the market for students searching for your subject. Well, here are the tricks of the trade laid bare for you by a tutor who has already found hundreds of clients online and can show you how.

Find Your Tutor is also offering a totally free “Recommended Tutor” membership upgrade to the basic membership.

   What features does “the recommended tutor” option offer?   


Recommended Tutor ICON -

You will earn a “Recommended Tutor’ ICON against your profile. This icon not only helps your profile to stand out to student-browsers but our programming will also ensure that with this icon against your profile, it remains in the top listings for tutors found under that subject heading.

What do you need to do?

1) You need to post at least 5 short articles (any length under 500 words each) into the Find Your Tutor Tutor-Articles database.

2) Publish at least 5 in-bound website links to your Tutor-Profile page at FindYourTutor site from as many other website pages as you can find as this will greatly help optimize your tutor profile page. When publishing any Tutor Articles or when publishing a Testimonial page, ensure you also include the exact website address of your Tutor-Profile page address at FindYourTutor website.

If you do not have a personal website of your own, post the website link address into blogs which you may use or any personal pages which you may use on e.g. MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, An example of a Tutor-Profile website page address is e.g.

In summary : Once you know the exact website page address for your Tutor-Profile page, save that address onto your desktop and/or bookmark it! Then you can enter it as a website link on as many website pages as you visit while you are actively using the world-wide-web. Such activity helps your tutor-profile page to be ranked for SEO (search engine optimization) by website browsers.

3) Remember to keep logging in to your account frequently, to simply edit your existing profile and to post any new tutor-articles. Ensure that you repeat several times in your profile, the keywords of the subjects that you are advertising for e.g. <French teacher>, <French tutor Edinburgh>, <French class Edinburgh>, <French classes Edinburgh>, <French lessons Edinburgh>, <study French in Edinburgh>, <learn French in Edinburgh>.

4) Once you have completed these 3 actions above, notify us via the Contact Us page and your profile status will receive the “Recommended Tutor” icon.

What’s the logic behind these tasks? Why do we ask you to do this?


By doing all of the above activities,you will significantly help optimise your profile page to be found, recognised and ranked by any SEO (search engine optimisation) robots which browse the website. These robots rank pages for relevancy, updated content and frequent use. By publishing articles, you demonstrate credibility & experience to students too.

Note that the more relevant the reciprocal website page links are to education/tutoring, then the better ranked your own pages and articles on Find Your Tutor will become. These ‘trade secrets’ are how Find Your Tutor employs SEO strategies to deliver you results. Basically, wherever a relevant website page link exists from one website page to another, each page gains status from the other.






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