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1. What is Find Your Tutor?

Find Your Tutor, set up in 2010, is an entirely free service for students to find specialist tutors for private lessons by searching through our online tutor directory database. We currently advertise tutors profiles for private lessons throughout the UK. In the future, we may also expand this service to introducing tutors overseas. Find Your Tutor introduces experienced tutors across diverse subjects ranging from academic subjects to music and the arts, foreign languages, sports, health related fields and a wide variety of professional subjects too. As well as introducing private tutors, the database also can introduce you to the likes of driving instructors, well-being therapists and fitness trainers.

2. How does Find Your Tutor work? How do I choose a tutor?

You can find a tutor in your local area by browsing through the database directory of tutors’ profiles. You can also browse the tutors’ articles and study advice tips to see what study advice tutors may have for you about how best to study, and also as a way of forming an impression about teacher’s methodology. Enter your search perameters in the database by selecting your subject and postcode area. Profile results for any local tutors in your area will then display, including any tutors willing to travel to your local area to teach you. Finally, some tutors also advertise that to tutor you online. You are then welcome to contact as many tutors as you like to find a tutor and arrange private lessons.

3. How much do our services cost me as a student? Is it good value? What can I expect?

Lucky you! Our tutor referral services cost you nothing! Now compare that with the majority of the competition which charges an introduction fee to prospective students and also often an ongoing commission charge which either students or tutors are asked to pay. In addition, obviously tutoring agencies often over-charge private students in order to meet their own running costs. Moreover agencies may offer you a poor service and introduce whichever tutor they can find. However, by doing a specialist tutor search or local tutor search with us, you’ll be free of all that paperwork and third party agencies. Find Your Tutor was started by a tutor with 20 years experience of private tutoring. We have thus confirmed home truths into a business proposition which can serve the interests of both private students and private tutors to engage in their business: private lessons and home lessons.

4. How much do our services cost me, as a tutor? What can Find Your Tutor offer me?

Find Your Tutor can offer you the very exciting prospect of increased self employment and a higher quality of working life and incomne per hour. In addition, although, Find Your Tutor is not free for tutors, we do offer a 3 months free trial membership period for all new tutors to register and try out our service to see if it really works and can help them find students. So you’ve got little to lose by registering today and signing up. Thereafter, Find Your Tutor charges you, every 6 months or 12 months to continue your tutor profile account, along with all the other optional extra features included like access to the blog, reciprocal links to your website. If you want to know about prices for our services, please visit our Sign up as a Tutor registration pages.

5. Why do we charge tutors - and not the students?

Well, first of all, it’s you who’ll benefit the most out of a successful transaction. Hopefully, if you satisfy your students, then they will keep paying you to tutor them private lessons- and that’s what you want! It doesn’t seem such a good proposal for students to pay to contact you, before they’ve sampled whether or not we can deliver them successful results. Moreover, if these services were completely free, then we would not be able to offer you the kind of value for money service, which can deliver those satisfactory results, which you registered in order to get viz. our commitment to find you private students and to help you to start earning incomne from tutoring private lessons. In addition, we are not just yet another shoddy employment agency. As such, there is no commission to pay us nor paper work nor boss who is breathing down your back! With Find Your Tutor’s services, you are your own boss and you get to decide where, when and with whom you want to teach and with what material and methods you may wish to teach.

6. Why isn't Find Your Tutor, a totally free service?

Another reason why we charge tutors for our services, is that unlike some of the competition (which naturally we have tried and tested), we found that 95% of the competition’s results were quite frankly lacking in producing results for you, the tutors! On the other hand, Find Your Tutor was set up in 2010 by Alasdair de Voil, a tutor of 20 years experience, who has earned his primary livelihood by advertising for and finding private students online. FindYourTutor employs the most up-to-date strategies to advertise the site and to optimize your tutor profile pages with your active participation. Because of our experience with marketing tutoring online, we value that you wouldn’t want to invest either your time or energy into registering with a site that doesn’t deliver you results.

Finally, we don’t charge the students because we’ve learned that charging students, is simply not a good business proposition either for yourselves to get as many students as possible contacting you for lessons-or for ourselves to earn incomne via referrals. FindYourTutor works best, where tutors are active participants in optimizing your profile to find students. We offer a value for money 3 months free trial membership. If you’re willing to invest a little of your time and energy to actively present your tutor profile to students, then we can help you. We have also created a free upgraded membership option called ‘A Recommended Tutor’ which summarizes what steps are the most important to take, if you want to maximize your results with us.

7. I did a tutor search in the directory but I got no tutor results. What next?

It will take time to populate tutors for every subject, level and region. We apologise if your search produced ‘no tutor results found’. However, we ask for your patience. opened for business in November 2010 and new tutors register with us every day. Your next options are that either you may return at a later date, when new tutors may have registered. Alternatively, maybe your search perameters could be widened to include more subjects, levels or area codes. Finally, please note that we are most keen to continually develop our database directory of specialist tutors so perhaps you may like to contact us directly via the “Contact Us” page to identify to us, specifically what kind of tutor (Subject/Level/Area), you are searching for. We will then endeavour to find you free of charge, a tutor by other means.

8. How do I vet and choose the best tutor? Do you have any Safety Recommendations!

Tutors are invited to post articles as well as a tutor profile, which includes a detailed interview. You can use these to form an impression of which tutor may be the best person for you to study with. In addition, we have published Safety Advice Tips for Parents, Students and Tutors as obviously you should always take some safety precautions, when you or your children are meeting new people. Furthermore, please note that by completing a web search for tutors on Find Your Tutor website and its’ services, you must have ticked that you have read and understood both our Safety Advice Tips and our Terms and Conditions. Although steps are taken to ensure data presented in tutors’ profiles is true and accurate, we cannot guarantee these facts so you must form your own educated judgements. You may find it best to choose to call and/or meet more than one tutor. However, please be straightforward and just confirm with anyone you call or email, whether you’ll be proceeding or not.

9. What issues should I first discuss with a tutor before meeting tutor/s?

Incidentally, most tutors will agree to meet you once for a free appointment to identify whether you both can come to an agreement on studying, including definitely a price and a rough schedule plus the possibly duration of your request. This could be discussed over the phone or at your first meeting. You need to discuss where lessons may take place- at the tutor’s home? Or at some other appropriate venue like a quiet café? Some tutors operate a sliding scale of price per hour, based on the number of students, time of day, location or frequency of lessons. Tutors’ profiles and interview pages should inform you a lot about the tutor and their availability, pricing or approach to teaching.

10. What to do next when meeting or hiring a new tutor?

When first meeting someone, be astute to size up how clearly they communicate and also how much they actually LISTEN to what you say you are looking for. Please be aware that although it is always possible later on, to cancel any arrangement you may make, it helps to assess and find from the start, the right tutor for your private lessons. Ask yourself if despite being understandably nervous, does the tutor look you in the eye, respect your home and seem sincere. We recommend you to ask tutors to describe not only any prior examples which they may have of teaching your subject and level, but also to give examples about how they go about teaching. Most consultations should take half and hour to an hour, to be able to size up how you may feel about a tutor.

11. Must tutors be qualified in the subjects which they teach?

Although it is desirable and you should check to confirm whether tutors’ profiles state that they are qualified tutors, merely having a qualification in a subject, doesn’t necessarily make someone an effective nor an inspiring teacher. Check for yourself what the tutors say and ask yourself is this tutor, an experienced specialist tutor or not? This is especially true in foreign language subjects, as if your aim may be to find a conversational partner, you may even find that non-native speakers may be better at teaching a language than a native speaker or that  someone who is qualified in the language (but not in teaching it). We do, however, recommend you look out for any ICONS confirmed against any private tutor’s profile. These icons are used to demonstrate that this private tutor has a degree or diploma in teaching or that they have taken the steps to become a “A Recommended Tutor’. Their profile may also include testimonial comments from prior students.

12. How do I ensure my/ my children’s safety? What about CRB/Scotland enhanced disclosures?

Regarding enhanced disclosures and also regarding qualifications in general, you may be wise to ask tutors to see these; especially where children or vulnerable adults are involved. However, the government’s disclosure process is far from being an efficient, reliable or affordable process. There is no legal requirement for either tutors or tutoring agencies to ensure such disclosure documents are checked. In any case, Find Your Tutor and its website/s are not an agency. We are simply an information portal website to match and exchange information and services between private students and private tutors (or very occasionally, small businesses devoted to training and instruction).

Anyone who uses our website and its services, is required to confirm that they have read both our website Terms and Conditions and our Safety Advice Tips for Parents, Students and Tutors. and that they are aged over 16 years old. We recommend also that you apply usual common sense, to any circumstances which you believe may put either yourself, your children or the tutor, into a vulnerable situation. Examples would be if you are a single person, living alone, maybe you might ask the other party to meet you at a public venue, the first time. If children are involved, although you want to ensure some privacy for the tutor and student to do private lessons, maybe you might choose to arrange for lessons to take place in a more public room of your home but to give them some privacy. Without being paranoid, we do instruct you to take sensible steps and we also have informed you in our terms and conditions, that we take no responsibility for any advice given or any consequences of services introduced via our website and its services.

13. I want to recommend my private tutor- how can I recommend my tutor to other students?

You are welcome to write a very brief positive testimonial about your tutor, to be published next to their profile. Please send such recommendations to both your tutor and to ourselves as we are keen to receive either positive or negative feedback on tutors in the tutors’ directory. Your tutor can then login to his tutor profile and publish your testimonial, to be seen by other prospective students. Please send us your name, town, tutor’s name, subject studies and the testimonial via our ‘Contact Us” page. Please note that by sending us testimonials, you are thus also consenting to our freedom to publish some or all the above information collected, in the testimonials section of the website.

14. What if I have a complaint as a student, about a tutor? Or as a tutor, about a student?

Find Your Tutor endeavours to offer (free) services to private students. We also try to offer good value for money services to tutors too. When tutors register on our site as specialist tutors, we ask all tutors to keep their tutor profile and tutor interview up to date and to describe themselves honestly and accurately. For example, tutors who register with us, are asked to state in what manner they are experienced tutors or qualified tutors/teachers/trainers/instructors/coaches or therapists for their subject.

We are not directly an employer or an agency, thus we cannot offer guarantees either for tutors presented nor for any information presented, that it is absolutely true or accurate. As such, we do not and cannot take responsibility for disputes between either students or tutors. Any arrangements and relationships which you enter into, are entirely transactions between yourselves. These facts are stated in our website’s Terms and Conditions policy. You may send any complaints about tutors or about students to us via our Contact Us page. We do want to improve our services and so we may also perceive a necessity to delete accounts or to make a report to police. However, it is at our discretion & we don’t promise to respond to messages sent or to take any of the above actions.

15. Is there a limit on how many tutors can post a profile in one subject and area?

As the number of tutors joining us grows, this may become an issue that we will need to cap the number of tutors we can advertise to prospective students. In most subjects, this is unlikley to be the case as the database directory lists tutors according to area code as well as by just subject. Currently, we have not decided a policy on this issue. However, if and when it arises, those tutors who have already joined and renewed, will be given priority over any new registrations to process. To be an effective and value-for-money service for tutors, we understand that limiting the number of tutors’ profiles which are displayed, will incentivize your continued membership.

16. What can I do as a Tutor to have my tutor-profile found by lots more students?

To answer that question, requires first of all explaining how the website works in principle. is not just any old website with an out-of-date static list of tutors. It was created and opened in Nov. 2010 and is the result of several years of success (and failure) at SEO (Search engine optimization) marketing. As such, besides our advertising campaigns, the site itself is structured to use extensive SEO strategies throughout the website. This includes the formatting of the tutor-profile and other features. is designed with a user-friendly format, in order to achieve high conversion rates of tutor-referrals.

We are willing to give away many features like a free trial membership to tutors (and even an entirely free service to students!). However, we balance that out by asking both students and tutors to help optimize their tutor’s profile pages and articles plus by taking advantage of any other features which they may use. These include simple activities like returning to publish refereshed and relevant content in your profile or tutor articles pages. Alternatively, you may post information on the testimonials pages or make comments in the blog section or by creating your own website pages and then exchanging reciprocal links between any of your published pages on and off Such actions are what will really kick-start your tutor profile page to get ranked and seen by search engine robots (and thus also consequently by browsing prospective students). To find out more about how to really turn your profile into a goldmine, we have summarized what you can do by awarding an icon and differentiated status called “A Recommended Tutor”.

17. How can I recommend a friend to

…Simple! Just click on the link below or visit our ‘Introduce your Friends' button via the main website menu. Thanks in advance for helping to recommend!
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