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FindYourTutor has published its Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy on the website and draws your attention to disclaimers made therein, about how this site and how its services may be used, in order to better inform tutors and users of this site and services about safety issues. However, the statement is intended as general advice only at the time of this being published (December 2009). As such, FindYourTutor will not be held liable for any changes in national laws which may make the following information given, out-of-date.



Advice for Protecting your ONLINE SAFETY from IDENTITY THEFT:

Traditionally, it's been common practice for job-seekers to upload their CV's to a variety of jobs sites or to the websites of large employers. However, in today's era of online identity theft, it's more dangerous than you may expect. In fact, over 20% of UK internet users have fallen prey to identity theft and it's the fastest growing type of crime in the UK. Note that criminals can attempt to steal your identity if they can find enough personal details about you, many of which they can find on a CV/resume:

• Your full name
• date of birth
• current address
• email address
• phone number/s
• marital Status
• place of birth
• driving Licence Status
• employment history
• qualifications or schools you have attended



As a result, FindYourTutor takes great care not to disclose either your addresses, email ID's, dates of birth or phone numbers. Moreover, if and when, a prospective-student browser does visit your tutor profile website page and wishes to contact you, they can't view your email ID and the website simply sends their message to your registered email ID. does ask you to complete detailed information. However, any such account details disclosed to us, are stored safely and if and when a tutor's profile is deleted, all such details are deleted securely too.

You will note that all our payments are processed securely and safely by paypal (one of the world's most credible and largest companies to handle financial transactions). Moreover, we advise and promote wherever possible, that tutors do not disclose any of their contact details since the website is by default designed so that browsers can send you messages to your registered (but hidden) email account. Note that although we do list tutors found within local area codes, we only list the start of the area code e.g. “EH16”.

A final piece of advice about scam-artists: similar to the experiences which can be common for men, when using dating sites; beware of any messages which you may receive from overseas, promising to pay in advance a large deposit to you for a course of lessons... if you will just disclose your banking details! Such messages are often written with poor English but regardless, use your common-sense about what info., you choose to disclose and to whom.

As for advice, when first meeting new students or enquiries, please read our 'Safety Advice Tips', also published on this website.





Note that anyone employed in regular employment in school settings generally has to apply for either a C.R.B. (Criminal record bureau check in England or Wales) or an Enhanced Disclosure (in Scotland). In addition, from July 2010, the new U.K. ISA Registration legislation (Independent Safeguarding Authority) will require an additional registration, in order to demonstrate that individuals workings with children are suitable and to ensure that no one working with children is a known paedophile. Who will be required to apply with the new ISA and under what circumstances, is still not definitively known. However, their latest advice suggests that it appears ISA registration will only be necessary for individuals who are: 1) working alone, unsupervised with children and 2) who are employed to spend time frequently with a child.

According to ISA's guidelines at


What is regulated activity?


Regulated activity is any activity which involves contact with children or vulnerable adults. This could be paid or voluntary work


Such activities include:


Any activity of a specified nature which involves contact with children or vulnerable adults within certain periods, or overnight.
Any activity allowing contact with children or vulnerable adults that is in a specified place frequently or intensively.




The ISA has commented that since private tutoring is an activity which they currently do not regulate, tutoring for parents as a private activity will not require registering with ISA.


Nor in fact are you currently either required to, or even eligible to apply for a CRB or Enhanced Disclosure document. That's because you are not actually employed by anyone. However, the parents of children you teach, may ask to see any such documents which you have received for employment you may have done elsewhere. So it's recommended that you maintain such evidence if you have it and produce evidence, if asked. Of course, it is still a serious crime for anyone to take up any kind of paid or voluntary activity with children, if they have an existing criminal record which relates to the abuse of children.

Most private tutors are working either from their own home or at the child's home and such private lessons are usually done under the careful eyes of the child's parents. It is recommended that private lessons are taught wherever possible in more public rooms and/or doors are left open, in order to protect yourself from any danger of any accusations ever being made against you. Again, you should use your common sense about how you interact with children and avoid what may seem to you like innocent gestures of physical contact such as praising a student by brushing their hand.




Despite the fact that currently self employed tutors are not required to be registered, from July 2010, the ISA will process ISA registrations for those self-employed tutors who desire to be registered with them. Please ensure that you keep track of what, if any, changes in government policy occur.

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